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Through the decades-Ladies That Rock!

Lady Rockers:

Below is a collection of music videos and songs by  “Ladies that Rock”. Some of my favorites are:  

Cyndi Lauper: For the past 30 years, Cyndi Lauper has been dazzling—and surprising—her fans all over the world. A multi-talented artist and one of music’s most beloved icons, she has racked up global record sales of over 50 million albums and has won countless awards, including two Grammys, an Emmy, and a Tony, a distinction as a New York Times Best Selling author, as well as numerous honors for her tireless activism. Lauper is just one Academy Award (Oscar) away from the distinguished EGOT designation, an honor that only 13 other brilliant artists have ever achieved.

Kate Pierson has finally released her own solo cd after being in one of the best out there party bands over the past 35 years, The B’52s and I’m loving this music. To describe what this collection is all about, well it certainly not a paint by numbers pop album. Its so full of energy, a cosmic connection , its one of the biggest surprises I’ve listened to in a long time. Unconventional, wordy, arty, a vocal singing celebration that just had to come out. Harmony’s and melodies and choruses bust out everywhere I’d heard a few cuts released over the past month or so, I knew this was gonna be special, but as a whole, this is neat little pop gem exe produced by Sia and there is wonderful touches and sounds throughout, never over produced, love the electronica splashes everywhere, sure a little B-52s dance pulses in there as well but man this is burst of non stop energy, people of all ages need to hear this. Read More By J. Bilby “littlebibs”

Most of Deborah Harry
The general public has always had difficulty accepting Deborah Harry as the lead singer of the group Blondie. Instead, they think she IS Blondie. Well, she is and she isn’t, and “Most of All” highlights the Deborah Harry who isn’t, and proves she’s just as wonderful as the one who is. Read More…