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goulash-productions-goulash-productionsRocknRoll Goulash is strictly a curated  site.  I select, organize, and present online content and information about songs and videos of interest from the last 5 decades of RocknRoll Music and post them in appropriate categories.  I include reviews, comments and other resources in each post. The goal of this site is to broaden or introduce visitors to music from the past. Many of the bands and artist posted were not very mainstream, but still contributed to their era or genre of music.

Goulash Productions
Here are some video presentations that I published on YouTube. Generally, the slideshows highlight songs to create an entertaining and usually humorous slant. Hope you enjoy!


Goulash Productions:

  • One of Lennon’s semi-autobiographical songs “You Can’t Do That,” “contradicted the genial tone with its tense threats, sexual paranoia and nagging, dragging groove,” according to Robert Sandall. The song’s jealousy theme was re-visited in other Lennon compositions, such as “Run for Your Life” and “Jealous Guy”. Lennon played the guitar solo, which he also conceived.  


  • David Byrne’s inspiring artistic lyrics are full of raw emotion. His lyrics range from being upbeat and uplifting to melancholy and bittersweet. Wild, Wild Life; City of Dreams; People Like Us; Radio Head and Puzzlin’ Evidence are very notable songs.


  • I add a video slide show to “The Fanatic” by Felony. I leaned a lot on Johnny Depp and Keith Richards in this video. The song is a “new wave” song from the 1980’s.


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